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St Petersburg      Mandel JCC in Palm Beach Gardens
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Naples "Southwest Florida" Regional Hotel Info

The Guest Speaker for the Naples "Southwest Florida" Regional are:
Mon: 10PM-12PM, Bruce Greenspan. Topic: Valuing Your Hand as Responder
Wed: 9:15-9:45AM, Dave Caprera. Topic: Dissecting a Bridge Deal
Wed: 12:15-12:45PM,Corey Krantz. Topic: The mistakes your partner makes!
Thu: 9:15-9:45AM, Jackie Altschuler. Topic: Problems with Preempts
Fri: 9:15-9:45AM, David Rogers. Topic: Why won't my opponents stop interfering with my strong bids
Sat: 9:15-9:45AM, Harriette Buckman. Topic: Closeout bids - When they are and they are not?
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