Unit 128 June STaC
2015 Unit Championship Schedule
Room reservations available for the Jacksonville Regional or
call 904-296-2222 or 888-236-2427 with code BRI or ask for the Contract Bridge League rate
May/June Sunshine Bridge News has misprint of Jacksonville Regional flyer. Please see here for proper flyer.
15 Jacksonville Regional-Guest Speakers
Wed. 9:15-9:45AM. Craig Hemphill. Topic Defensive Trump Promotion
Thu. 9:15-9:45AM. John Brady. Topic: Slam bidding tips
Fri. 9:15-9:45AM. Corey Krantz. Topic: Reopening Doubles
Room reservations available for the Naples Regional. or call 844-210-5931 with code GACBL15
Room reservations available for the Daytona Regional. or call 386-947-8024 with code BRIDGE
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