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Northeast Florida (Daytona Beach) Regional Tournament ... in-progress
Hotels for Sarasota-Manatee Februay 2015 Regional
Updated Change of Rank (October 2014)
Southwest Florida (Naples) Regional Tournament ... 1,681 tables
Palm Beach Garndens (PGA) Regional Tournament
D-9 Charity Fund/Foundation game information
Jacksonville Regional Tournament ... 1,099 tables
Unit 128 June STaC
2014-15 NAP Sites/Schedules
St Petersburg     Mandel JCC in Palm Beach Gardens     2014-15 NAP Conditions of Contest
Tampa Regional Tournament ... 1,114 tables
Ft Lauderdale (Southeasterns) Regional Tournament ... 1,704 tables
St Augustine Sectional Tournament
Unit 128 February STaC
Updated Masterpoint Races (2013 Final)
North Palm Beach Sectional Tournament
Daytona Beach Sectional Tournament
Tampa Regional Tournament
Unit Championships added to Calendar
Unit 128 STaC
Ft Myers Sectional Tournament
Northeast Florida (Daytona) Regional Tournament
Lake Park Sectional Tournament
Lake Park Special Sectional/NAP Tournament
Southwest Florida (Naples) Regional Tournament
Boca Raton Sectional Tournament
Jacksonville Sectional Tournament
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Updated! BATTLE OF THE SEXES! A really FUN idea! Try this at your club for a change of pace.